Music Therapy Radio

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Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy
Guest: Gloria Stryker

Infants and The Music Connection

Reiki Healing
Guest: Odilia Forlenza, Reiki Master

Music, Taoist and Chinese Medicine
Guest: Rev. Neil MacPherson

Music and the Visually Impaired
Guest: Richard Shapland

Music Perspectives -- Personal Look

Baby Music -- Raimond Lap
Guest: Gary Brody

100th Anniversary Show
Arden Fekett, LCAT interviews Host Larry Carlson, RMT

Psychiatric Blind Therapist
Jerry Maccoux, RMT

A Loved One's Passing -- Music Reflections
Geri Carlson, WLP

Shell Shocked from the War
Brian Harris MT, BC
Perfect Pitch
Susan Rancher, RMT

The Singing Chef
Andy LoRusso

Music of Yesteryear
Joe Goldfeder and George Hoch

Is There A Cure For Cancer?
Dr. Coldwell, MD

World Without Cancer
G. Edward Griffin

Savant Syndrome
Dr. Darold Treffert, MD

Savant Syndrome-Part II
Dr. Darold Treffert, MD

Cyber Success/Bullying
Jenna Rose, 12 Year Old Celebrity

Stuttering/The Music Connection
Lawrence T. Carlson, RMT

Music Prescriptions
Mark Romero, Sound Therapist

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