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Health Tip of the Day - Poisons in Our Body and Mind

Hydrogenated Foods / Oils
What are they doing to our health?

What's good? What's bad? Learn the difference and how it may be affecting your health?

Aspartame - The Bitter Sweet Truth
Learn what this diet substance is doing to your health.

MSG - Is it in Your Food?
MSG . . . the cover-up. Disguised names. How it all began . . . and its continued use.

Toxic Crystals - In the Body
Toxic crystals can cement your joints. This powerful narrative comes to us from
Dr. Paul Bragg.

Music for Blood Pressure and the Heart
Certain music may play a role in keeping us healthy. Read by Bill Chamberlain.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is not intended to replace sound medical advice. It is available to help you and your doctor formulate a possible and personal direction in choice decisions regarding your health care.
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