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Music Therapy Philosophy                                       Contact: 516-809-5342
Music helps us express who we are, and the people who mean the most to us.  We look to music as it moves, exhilarates, and touches us in an effort to peel away hurt, and raise up hope.  To express our deepest love, to begin to heal one's self and the people around us who are hurting ... We feel their pain.

Music is a universal language, as we all share in the magic it brings.  There is the science, and the experience of music.  We can dissect sound and use its statistics to determine how music effects behavior, or we can touch the individual's human spirit, and let the relationship between people kindle the healing and freedom that music brings.

Music works as a natural connective tool that helps bring people together -- it facilitates the interaction with one another.  Music helps us recall memories of the past, and link learning to the present and into the future.  Music has the ability to self soothe, and to move our bodies to rhythms.  Through the expression of music, we can begin to tap into repressed feelings and deal with them therapeutically as they surface.

Music effects the way we feel ... its universal connection in every country and every culture is truly amazing.  Whether it be for pure entertainment, or to meditate during a religious service -- people bond to it, are inspired by it, excited by it, and are calmed by it.  Yes, people from all walks of life are connected by an energy we call MUSIC.
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