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Lawrence T. Carlson, RMT

A practicing Music Therapist and Psychotherapist since 1979, I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with the first community-based Music Therapy organization in the Nation -- The CREATIVE ARTS REHABILITATION CENTER (C.A.R.C.) in New York City. Personally trained by one of the pioneers of Music Therapy, Florence Tyson, RMT, I received my Advanced Clinical Training Certificate. Clinically, my case load involved working individually, and conducting numerous group sessions.  Under the direction of executive director Florence Tyson, I became the youngest therapist in the country to take on the position of Program Coordinator.  The time I spent with the patients who came to the Center was truly extraordinary and deeply moving.  (President CARC, Celeste Holm, Actress.)

Assistant Professor
Molloy College, Five Towns College.

Instructor/Teacher of handicapped children at A.I.M., Adventures in Movement for the Handicapped, Inc.,  Movement Education Program.  Chairman:  Gene Kelly (Dancer Extraordinaire),
Dayton, Ohio.

Personal Training/Populations Served:  Adult Psychiatric, Geriatric, Foster Children, Autism, Brain Trauma/Aphasia, Homeless, Physically Handicapped, Alzheimer's/Amnesia, Speech, Stuttering.

I love and enjoy people, and empathize with their pain and struggles.  When I begin a project, I always start with a strong belief that things will improve, that I can be a part of that positive direction, and together we can make a difference.

Personal Quotes:

"Do what you love, and you'll love what you're doing."

"There are no problems -- just situations that need to be dealt with."


Larry Carlson



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